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Fast Magnet Transmission And Elite Killer

Another good suggestion for upcoming games this month, RuneLabs is using the visible light wax charging speed point, allowing you to use the ultra fast time lodestone idea.

Due to the idea of cracking under FD. It just shows that RuneLabs can be used to show almost everything. This month, we hope you can ask a story, we will pursue a medium-sized answer. Want to know what happened to the king? Have you ever wondered why H.A.M. always wear pink? Go to RuneLabs!

If you want to have some spices in addition to the magic of the task? This is the exception of the elite! Some enemies will have more eggs, more violent, richer version itself, and more in addition to magic XP and plunder more opportunities!

Accept the challenge and reward, ignore it, others can be shot for three minutes! Find out the "dead ring" chatter of the creatures of the tracks, such as the powerful dark beast's pain, to meet the challenge.

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