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Waterfiend Strategies From Rsgp4u

Waterfiends are the elemental cousins of the Pyrefiend and Icefiend in RuneScape. Rsgp4u where sell the cheapest and fastest RS Gold will introduce you the strategies to kill the waterfiends.

Waterfiends are weak to Ranged attacks and very weak to bolts. Ascension crossbow, royal crossbow, chaotic crossbows, and Hand cannon can be used when killing them. The high level inventory includes prayer potions, prayer renewal potions, charming imp, ferocious ring. The low level inventory includes dramen, games necklace and good food.

Ancient Cavern is the most popular place to kill the waterfiend. Players with summoning level to use a geyser titan can kill waterfiends much more quickly in the Chaos Tunnels. High level players can stay for a long time by using soul split and occasional cooked shark drops. Polypore Strike is effective, especially when you combine with Dragon Breath and Omnipower abilities.

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